Services & Pricing


Radon Testing

We will provide short-term Radon tests for real estate transactions utilizing Radon monitoring equipment and/or passive radon testing kits.  The inspector will setup and collect the samples over a minim 48-hour period of closed building conditions.  Radon monitor results will be sent to the client via email the day the monitor is retrieved.  Passive test samples will be sent to a certified laboratory for analysis and clients will receive results as soon as they become available.  See below for links to NH & EPA guidelines on Radon:

Water Testing

The inspector will collect water samples based on clients desired test requests.  Samples will be sent certified laboratories for analysis.  Clients will receive their water test reports via email as soon as they become available which is typically within 4 or less business days.  See below for links to VT & NH fact sheets on water testing:

Infrared Thermography

We can utilize thermal imaging technology to detect things you can't see!  This technology is most effective where there is a 15-20 degree difference between the inside and outside temperature so we strongly recommend these services be performed when the conditions are right.  We can help guide you to those conditions where you will get the best bang for your buck!  We don't want to waste our time and more importantly, we don't want to waste your money.

What can we detect?

  • Water Infiltration & Excessive Moisture

  • Insufficient Insulation

  • Unwanted Heat Loss / Gain

  • Electrical Issues