One of the most popular questions we receive from clients is "What is a home inspection and what does it include?"  It is important for our clients to be familiar with the scope of an inspection so they have realistic expectations for the services they are about to hire us to perform.  It is important to understand both what IS included and what IS NOT included.  The graphic above gives a very high level overview, but The International Standards of Practice for Performing a General Home Inspection & The International Code of Ethics for Home Inspectors is a 15-page document which very clearly details what the home inspector will, or will not do when inspecting your property.  These standards have been developed over many years to protect the property, the inspector, the client and the property owner.  As inspectors, we will adhere to these standards at a minimum and at times we will exceed the standards when the actions are deemed to be safe and of added value.  

What Will the Inspector Do and What Will I receive?

  • If Radon is desired the Inspector will set up a Radon test in advance of the inspection or at the time of the inspection.  Radon tests must be a minimum of 48 hours preceded by a minimum of 12-hours of closed building conditions.

  • The Inspector will conduct the inspection using the Homegauge Companion software program. This will allow the Inspector to document findings on a phone or tablet.  The average home inspection (without a septic inspection) will take 2-3 hours to perform. Septic inspection will take about 2 hours to perform.

  • The Inspector will take numerous photos of the property being inspected and may take video and audio recordings.

  • If water testing is desired the Inspector will collect water samples and send them to a State Certified Lab.

  • If a septic inspection is desired the Inspector will inspect pipes to and from the septic tank, the tank internals, the distribution box and pump station (if present) and typically two evaluation holes will be dug in the leachfield.

  • If a sewer scope has been requested the Inspector will perform a video inspection of up to 100’ of the underground piping from the home’s cleanout to the sewer main.

  • The Inspector will compile and distribute to the client an electronic Inspection report which will include pictures with descriptive captions and narratives describing the various findings.  At times, the reports may also include videos and audio recordings.  The client will have the option to print their report as a PDF if desired. 

  • Radon and/or water test results will be sent to the client via email as soon as they are available.

  • The Inspector will answer any questions you may have during the inspection and/or after the report has been sent to you.