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Septic Inspection (VT only at this time) *
$395.00 includes complete evaluation of the septic system. (If the property you are purchasing includes a septic system this is strongly recommended)
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An attached or detached garage is included in the standard inspection. If you have an additional outbuilding you'd like us to inspect let us know!
Water Testing Services *
See our Pricing and Service details link for details of each water test! (All testing packages satisfy Government Loan Requirements!)
Radon Testing *
EPA minimum 48-hour radon test with electronic monitor or passive test methods.
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Perform video inspection of up to 100' of sewer line from the clean-out to the municipal sewer main. Repairs of the line from the home to the main are typically the responsibility of the homeowner. Strongly recommended for purchase of homes on municipal sewer. (This is not a septic inspection)
Infrared Thermography *
Thermal images of the home which show heat loss, hidden water intrusion and/or leaks within wall and floor systems. Heat Loss Scans can only be performed in fall/winter. Moisture scans can be performed any time of the year.
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Clients are always welcome to attend; however, Inspectors do their best work when they can methodically focus on the inspection. Inspections are also quicker and easier to schedule when unattended!
Any additional information or specific concerns you may have with the property to be inspected or schedule considerations which we will attempt to accommodate.

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